The Soul You See When You Buy Handmade Art

When you buy handmade art, you are doing more than investing. You also recognize the elaborate threads that comprise the human tapestry of our shared existence. The wide-ranging scope of our collective experiences can influence an individual’s interpretations of art objects, which impart a sentimental value.

Is it possible to buy handmade art that has a “soul”? The concept of an inanimate object--a sculpture, painting, a scribble--having a spiritual connection is not new. Since ancient times, the human species has been discovering and applying different modes of expression that reflect their daily lives. For an individual to create art, it is required to perceive reality and apply an interpretation to it which has significance to the creator.

Replicating and Sharing the Human Experience

Every human being is unique. People will have different perceptions of the world and how it works. Creating paintings, sculptures, and pieces of literature are avenues that creators pursue to make sense of the reality around them. From these outside stimuli, people will create art as a way to fabricate an ideal reality, to make a statement that addresses an issue, or propose a method to create an improvement or change.

At the same time, art can eschew the material constraints of reality in favor of exploring the depths of the human subconscious. Works of art are also a way to express a range of emotions, like happiness, sadness, anxiety, or hope--among many others. The artist draws from their experience and how they feel to craft works of art that reflect these concepts.

The art object is a manifestation of these interpretations. Others are then invited to view the art object, and discover how it might make them think or feel. The act of viewing allows people to generate certain reactions to what they see--the likes of which may be similar or markedly different than the creator’s intention.

The nature of creating, sharing, and reacting to works of art imbues the art object with a soul. It will have varying degrees of emotional value, and it is all depending on who beholds it. When you buy handmade art, you are acknowledging the mercurial nature that forms the foundations of our shared humanity.